Vous avez déjà dit I will revert to you the same ? What is your good name ? I’m out of station ? Vous avez dit Sexy ! quand Henri a marqué son but contre les pays bas ?

L’anglais à la sauce indienne, on l’appelle l’Hinglish, et ce n’est pas tout à fait le même anglais qu’ailleurs…
Vous allez vous rendre compte de toutes ces erreurs que vous avez appris là-bas !

Vous dites / mais vous devriez dire :

I am liking it very much. I am understanding it. She is knowing the answer. à I like it very much.
Let us discuss about this. à Let us discuss this.
They did it, no? / He is here, isn’t it? / She closed the door, did she? à They did it, didn’t they? / He is here, isn’t he? / She closed the door, didn’t she?
“A: You didn’t come on the bus? B: Yes, I didn’t.” à A: “You didn’t come on the bus? B: No, I didn’t.”
He does this always. à He always does this.
Where you are going? / Tell me where are you going. à Where are you going? / Tell me where you are going.
I only told her to do that. à I Ø told her to do that.
She had so much of work to do that… à She had so much Ø work to do that…
Let’s go out for some ice-cream-ice-cream. / She has curly-curly hair. / You will get used to the humidity slowly-slowly. / Don’t worry about small-small things.
Seriously / Actually etc., she is a good person. à Ø she is a good person.
What is your good name? à What is your Ø name?
Please do the needful. à Could you help me with this?
Where do you stay?à Where do you live?
I don’t take meat/milk. à I don’t eat meat / drink milk.
Tell me (used when answering the phone) à How can I help you?
Hotel à Restaurant
My head is paining. My head is hurting.
I also need a blanket. / He was late also. à I too need a blanket. / He was late as well.
Open / Close the air conditioner. à Turn on / Turn off the air conditioner.
Open your shirt. à Take off your shirt.
Current went and came. à The power went out and came back.
Brother / Sister à Male brother & first cousin / Female sister & first cousin
I had gone. à I went.
I have been working since four years. à I have been working for four years ou I have been working since four years ago.
Can you drop me? à Can you drop me off?
Throw it. à Throw it out.
Let’s go to city. à Let’s go to the city.
I met him five years back. à I met him five years ago.

L’intégralité à télécharger en PDF : L’anglais des indiens (pdf)
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